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Tier-On-Tier Shutters

Create a beautiful look
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Experience the Best of Both Worlds: Sunlight and Privacy!

Ever dreamt of basking in sunlight without compromising your privacy? Allow us to introduce you to the world of tier-on-tier shutters.

What’s the Magic Behind Tier-on-Tier Shutters?

These aren’t just your regular shutters. Imagine being able to control the sunlight entering your room with unparalleled precision. That’s the beauty of tier-on-tier shutters. They come with individually controlled top and bottom panels, granting you the flexibility to open, shut, or partially close them to your liking.

Night-Time Bliss

After a long day, you deserve a peaceful night’s sleep. With tier-on-tier shutters, once fully closed, they act as a barrier against any unwanted light, ensuring you’re enveloped in soothing darkness.

Day-Time Perfection

Don’t want those curious neighbors peeking in? But still, don’t want to compromise on the sunny vibe? No worries! Just open up the top half of your tier-on-tier shutter. Voilà! You get to enjoy sunshine with 100% privacy.

Dive into Our Diverse Range

From waterproof for those bathroom windows to the evergreen timber and reliable craftwood, our collection boasts both natural wood and elegant painted finishes. Dive deep into our range, and you’ll surely find a style that complements your unique home aesthetic.

Ready to Transform Your Windows?

Why not see these marvels in action? Browse our tier-on-tier shutter range and get inspired. And when you’re ready to take the plunge, book an in-home appointment. Our Custom Fitted Shutter experts are eagerly waiting to guide you to your perfect shutter match!
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‌ Our aim is to give people looking for fitted shutters in the locality the best possible service and after sales care together with an exceptional quality product at the absolute best prices available. Custom Fitted Blinds are an independent blinds company, we source our products from some of the UK’s best and biggest national companies to make sure our customers get the best window treatments on the market. If you’re looking for fitted blinds, please try our price estimator to give you a pre-appointment, ‘supplied and fitted’ quotation.‌

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